Monday, 11 June 2012

BIODUN OLADEJI-When they see me they cry for help

Abandoned Abiodun cries for help

“People see me and run away, I am dying gradually”

Seeing this young man at first sight, one would be tempted to conclude that he is blind. But that is far from the truth, he is only suffering from an illness that he cannot exactly say what it is. Abiodun Oladeji who was 28 three months ago hails from Akure, Ondo State. His case becomes more pathetic as it was discovered that he lost his father a year ago. He also told our reporter that his mother also died 10 years ago.

According to Abiodun who now struggles to speak, the strange illness visited him three years ago, but the visitor is now staying more than necessary.  He explained that the symptom started as a mere itch on his face, which he earlier misconstrued for a pimple.

Abiodun before now, had lived all his life in 2b Temidire St, off Araromi, Akure, in Ondo State had suffered rejection and deprivation both among relatives and co-inhabitants of Araromi. Though, before his father death, pragmatic effort was made to correct the defect on Abiodun’s face.

On November 2011, he was taken to Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Ondo State where according to the hospital receipt presented by him, he was slated to have a facial surgical operation that would cost hundreds of thousand of naira, which he said his family could not afford. 

He painfully noted that his father death compounded his predicament. He managed to say these few words, “people see me and run away, nobody wants to associate with me, no one comes close to me, I am left in the street, even by my own siblings. Please I need help from anybody, Muslims, Christians, Government, Idol worshippers, anybody, I am dying gradually on daily basis”, he lamented.

Pitiable enough, Abiodun had never been taken to any hospital in Lagos. One Femi who is a step-brother to Abiodun told our reporter that he will be happy if anybody can help his brother to come back to normal. He reaffirmed that their father tried what he could, before his death.

Abiodun’s case is critical but not insurmountable. He needs to be diagnosed so as to ascertain the nature of his illness. This stage will take care of his fear of the unknown. Both for diagnosis and treatment, Abiodun needs kind-hearted Nigerians to urgently come to his aid by making him fit to mix freely among other people in the society once again.

This 28-year-old future leader, said he has no friend, and he has nobody. Your assistance could be his friend and brother.  For any assitance, you can contact Abiodun’s elder brother, Femi on 08056309751.


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