Monday, 11 June 2012

Shocking!!!!!!!!!!-9-Year-Old Girl Poisons Her Guardian, Steals Money For Birthday Bash

A nine year-old girl (names withheld) in company of a lady, who claimed to be her aunty, penultimate Monday walked up to a caterer around Fodacis/Orita-Challenge area of Ibadan to haggle over the price of a moderate-sized cake for her birthday.

Both the caterer and her friend exchanged glances, then asked the girl, “Who wants to buy the cake?” She swiftly answered, “I am the one. I want to take it to school for my 10th year birthday.”

When asked where she got the money from, she claimed that her mother sent it to her from Kano, where she is based.

The baker would have gone ahead to prepare the cake, but for her friend who suspected foul play and asked her not to do it, the baker therefore, returned the money to the girl, who we gathered is a primary five pupil of a public school around the area.

Having discovered the unwillingness of the baker, she changed her mind and bought two cartons of Dansa drink, some assorted biscuits, worth N4,000 and held a small birthday party in her school. She assured her friends of the continuation of the birthday bash at Obafemi Awolowo Stadium (former Liberty Stadium) the following day.

It was also gathered that the class teacher of the girl (names withheld) who also guessed that she stole the money questioned her, but she told her the same story she told the baker.

Our investigation however revealed that the innocent-looking girl, who always put on her hijab, actually stole a sum of N10,000 from the over N200,000 sent to her guardian from abroad for a building project and dropped rat poison in the man’s soup.

The calculation, according to sources, was to kill the man and steal the remaining money to sponsor her birthday bash at the stadium.

The guardian would have lost his life if not for his smartness and instinct, which made him drink good quantity of palm oil as an antidote to make the poison ineffective.

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