Sunday, 11 August 2013


While some are falling out of love some are falling in love over and over again,Nollywood actress,Foluke Daramola has faced a lot of criticism from her marriage, first from her journalist friend whom she met Kayode Salako through and next from her husbands former wife who claimed that Foluke snatched Kayode Salako who is a business man from her. Foluke and her husband Kayode Salako granted PUNCH an interview and below is excerpts from the interview

Kayode: A lot has been said about Foluke and I; but I must state that my first wife packed out of our home on her own volition. When I was getting serious with Foluke, I told everyone in my family to go all out and make inquiries if she is my destined wife or not. In fact, I consulted about 65 pastors before I made up my mind on her.

Were you not skeptical about marrying an actress?

Kayode: Before I met her, I never fancied any Nigerian actress. I had known some of them through my organisations and I had nothing to do with any of them. But when I met Foluke, she proved me wrong! She is very reasonable, mentally upright, focused and an ambitious woman. She is godly and she has a deep knowledge of God’s word. In fact, she can recite over 25 psalm chapters off hand! She is not materialistic; she is a very good cook, homely and washes my underwear. We share a lot of things in common among which is the spirit of activism. Its fun being with her and till date, we still live as friends

But did you know he was married at that time?

Foluke: Yes, and I remember I was introduced to his wife at the initial stage of working together. We were friends until he started talking about the problems he had with his first marriage. I didn’t know he had issues with his marriage but he is quite an emotional person and as a friend, he told me his experience. I understood the wife left him on her own volition and I knew he made attempts to resolve the problem. At a point, he told me to step out of the picture because he needed to sort out the problems in his marriage. Later, he called again and said we needed to move on.

Foluke: Don’t stop doing those things that attracted him to you. He loves my legs and I wear short skirts at home for him. Also, men should pay their wives compliments.

Are there pet names?

Foluke: I call him Ade mi (my crown) and Ayinde. He calls me Folu, when he is angry.

Kayode: I call her Ibadi Aran.

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