Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cage fighter beats wife so bad Police left her for dead

A cage fighter beat his wife so badly after she sent him a text message saying their relationship was over that police thought they had been called to a murder scene.
Mother-of-two Charlotte Small, 33, was so scared that Gary Marcel, 46, would attack her that she had already entered 999 into her phone - but he immediately snatched it off her.


The thug forced his way into Miss Small's home and repeatedly kicked and punched her in the face - shouting 'no one will want you now'.
Miss Small, who still suffers from memory loss, said today that her husband, who she has since divorced, took breaks during the attack before continuing to beat her.

She was finally rescued after her neighbour Martin Nolan, 75, heard her piercing screams and called Kent Police.

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