Sunday, 21 July 2013


Transformative Sounds of Inspiration for the future


Who is Ebele? she is a refreshingly different and creatively innovative new face on the somewhat mediocre terrain of Nigeria’s emerging music “industry’.

Her name is Ebelechukwu ‘Ebelechukwu translated into English means ‘The Mercy of God is great. She is compassionate disposition and very precocious three-years-old while she was growing up in Benin- Edo state, Niger delta region of Nigeria where she was born. she did her primary and secondary education. Then she move to Enugu in the eastern region of Nigeria to study Accounting and then further on to study Business.

Administration. She is has been working as an Accountant.

Ebele is originally from Anambra state in the eastern region of Nigeria. From a Christian home, the second of 6 children ( 2 girls and 4 boys ). Her music background started at a young age in her family church. she started playing flute at the age of 15 years and also learning how to sing. She has always been in her church choir. At that tender age. She realized that she had a strong passion for music. She pursues her passion courageously. She joined a music group called “THE AGAPE VOICES’ They performed frequently at local functions and also performed in a lot of music concerts around the country and in churches as well. She withdrew from the group and then came to Lagos, and continues singing, she has performed in various events where Her confidence grew and her style developed. Then she realized that this is what she’s cut out for----- so she put a lot of effort, with the help of God, she then decided to invest on her Album project.

Ebele is a very courageous, independent, focused and determined

songwriter, singer, composer, instrumentalist etc

Her Musical style: contemporary gospel jazz and vocalist

Key influences: Mike Aremu, Phil Driscole (Trumpeter), Shirley Ceaser, cece winans.

Future Aspirations: To fulfill her God given destiny/purposes, and to influence people and make a different in their lives, especially the youth. To become a professional musician: to tour the world and play on the biggest stages: and to become a mega star and best female flutist.

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