Monday, 22 July 2013

#Child Bride:12 Year Women Can Give Birth Safely-Sheikh Abubakar Gumi

Respected Kaduna based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, has joined the fray on the issue of child bride by saying that women can deliver children at 12 safely and thus there isnt such a big deal with early marriage. Gumi made the revelation on his Facebook page.


Definitely it will not be a bunch of liberal senators in a country majority of its citizen are Muslims. Marriage is a sacrosanct religious contract. The secular constitution has already given, two consensual adults (biological) the consent to engage in sexual intercourse, so what is all this encroachment on religious sensitivities of people. It is truly mischievous.

On religious issues
that are liable to different interpretation, Islam has accepted that only a medically scientific reason can alter a decision.

Medically, from the age of 12, some girls can be mothers. They can bear children and deliver them safely. Now in the west, despite the laws against underage marriage (less than 18), thousands of hundreds still gets pregnant out of illegal sexual activities. Islam as pragmatic Religion thus permit any individual, matured to engage in legal marriage to embrace all categories of human desires and protect teenagers from irresponsible pregnancy. A married pregnant teen is absolutely in safer socio-economic state of affairs than one in an illegitimate teen pregnancy.

“About 93,000 teenagers, 8,000 of them under the age of 16, become pregnant in Britain each year. Just over half the pregnancies of those under 16 end in abortion. In the West, only Canada, New Zealand and the United States have higher rates.” The Prime Minister Tony Blair on learning that two other 12- year-olds were pregnant by their teen-age boyfriends had to call for a "new national moral purpose" and in June 2000, the government announced a $96 million plan aimed at cutting in half the number of teen pregnancies. The government also plans a major overhaul of sex education and contraceptive services, which will be publicized more openly and made more accessible”. [CNN oct11,99.]

May Allah protect us all from the Dajjal of this era.

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