Wednesday, 9 January 2013


 First and foremost a big congratulation goes to Kim and Kanye.
Well according to a report the duo were said to have turned down $3 million from a tabloid who is intrested in printing the the first photos of the yet to arrive baby, is the reason for turning the tabloid down because of Kanye's superstitious belief of is Kim now scared of the paparazzi?
As we all know that Kim and the entire Kardashians are addicted to fame, i think she knows that she can make quite a lot of money from this photos, so why jump to an offer of just $3 million when an offer of $8 million is likely to show soon? adding that Kris Jenner believes her daughter can get at least $6 million for the photos, i am confused here,will that money cover all the pictures or?

Kanye and Kim Pic

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Kanye might have affected Kim's life in some areas but can he also affect her finacial sense and advice that all the money they get from the baby photos be sent to charity just like Angelina and Brad Pitt did?I  bet she's saying over my dead body right now,lol

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