Tuesday, 22 January 2013


--> If  I am not mistaken this should be the first marriage crash this year

When new broke 6yrs ago that delectable ex-beauty Queen Nike Oshinowo had gotten married to  lagos socialite Dr Soleye, a lot of people were surprised because Dr Soleye was still legally married to his now ex-wife Dr Olufunmilayo Soleye and he was also romantically linked with another woman in England, but the shocking part was that Dr Soleye divorced his long term wife and mother of his kids  Dr Olufunmilayo,  so that he can enjoy his sizzling affair with Nike which eventually led into marriage.

For the past 6yrs the couples have been a noticeable item  on the social scene, and this is basically because of their high-profile marriage, Dr Soleye is a very popular Lagos socialite and he is also the owner of Duro Soleye Hospital in Lagos which he inherited from his late father, on the other Hand Nike Oshinowo was always in the news, if she is not hosting an events, she is covering the pages of celeb magazines ,or she is talking about her fitness and work out plan and she was also enjoying the attention she was getting from the paparazzi
Now, the marriage is in trouble, and spouses have parted ways. Many people still cannot seem to understand why their marriage crashed so soon.
Last week, Dr Soleye confirmed the fact, but said he and Nike were going to issue a joint press release on their break-up. Nike, on her own, did not reply any of the messages.
That all was not well with their marriage became obvious when the duo began to step out at events separately.
At a party that Dr. Soleye attended alone last week, many of the guests wondered why he no longer steps out with Nike, whom he fondly calls Adenike. He simply told the guests, on enquiry, that they had parted ways.
Insiders say both of them are to blame for the crash of the marriage. Nike’s friends have heaped the blame on Dr. Soleye, who, they say has remained a ladies’ man despite his marriage to Nike. He is alleged to have been close to other women. friends claimed that although Dr. Soleye showered love and affection on her at the early stages, he stopped a few years ago when he began to ignore her.
Friends of Dr. Soleye heaped the blame on Nike who, they said, lives a very extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle which reportedly contributed to the quick depletion of Dr. Soleye’s resources. They claimed that because of the love he had for Nike he spent all he had on Nike, setting up for her a beauty business and funded her Miss Nigeria project for 2 years before she pulled out. Many believe that their marriage may have contributed to the financial squeeze he is currently experiencing.
As if this was not enough, one of the women in Dr. Soleye’s life, who lives in England was said to have out of anger sold one of his prime properties in London so as to deprive Nike of staying there. Since the property is said to have been jointly owned, not only did she sell the property, she was said to have splitted the money into four: partly to offset the mortgage on it; give some to his first wife, some to him and kept some to herself.
As it is now, the crash of the marriage may be giving Nike sleepless nights, but Dr Soleye insists on an amicable separation.


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