Thursday, 13 September 2012


I’ve Not Had Intimacy In Two Years – Actor Nonso Diobi  

 Somethings are just weird with the way they sound,First it was US based singer Tyrese ranting all over the social network,talking about love making and how much he needs a woman,i am not exaggerating you can read his tweets below,lol, he also said making love to that woman he loves makes him to imagine his kids popping out,yes i said the same thing when i read it on his timeline,TYRESE? This guy was my high school crush for crying out loud and now he needs someone to love him,Ty,you see apart from his God gifted voice he also has this looks that is OMGEEEEEEEZ,oooooook it not about tyrese today,it about another movie industry hunk,he is a popular face in the nollywood movie industry,and most he gets romantic roles,

 Nonso Diobi  revealed his relationship status to fans, and he also stated the last time he had sex..
The Anambra state born actor revealed this during one of his chit-chat session with one of his fans on twitter,it goes thus:
@vic14rud asked Diobi if he was single. He responded in the affirmative. Another fan then asked when last he had s*x and he replied ’2 years ago’.
What are his plans for the next ten years? ’Get married, be a good father and hubby‘.
He also mentioned Business as what keeps him busy when not on set, actress Uche Elendu as the Nigerian actress he would like to marry and ‘Pride of a Princess’ as the best movie he has featured in.
No mean to disrespect but did Nonso just mentioned that the last time he had sex was 2yrs ago?common brother and u also mentioned that you are single,hmmmmmmmm i believe u,yeah i do and i am noding my head to it,but please do you realise that there are lots of sisters out there that needs to be hooked up and married to?First it was Tyrese now its Nonso Diobi,if Chidi Mokeme wasnt married i bet he will be be the next.Nonso isdoing so well for himself in the entertainers world,he has been in the limelight for almost a decade if not even more and he is also a Glo Ambassador, what the heck is stoping this dude from staying in a relationship?i hope its not what i am thinking *eyes rolling*

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