Wednesday, 12 September 2012


The Lagos State Government in its characteristic mode of enforcing new laws and regulations has come out with another first in Nigeria – all houses in Lagos must be beautified. The Commissioner of Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello said yesterday that it is now mandatory for occupiers of houses in the state to beautify the perimeter areas of their buildings.
He added that violation of this law would attract a fine.
“A violation of this would attract N250, 000 or the amount the state would incur if it decides to carry out the beautification, or six months imprisonment or other non-custodian sentences…also anyone caught felling trees in the state or trimming them without permission would be fined a minimum of N50, 000 or sent to one year imprisonment.
“It is also an offence to walk on lawns and gardens. Urinating, defecating in any of the parks, gardens and open spaces; loitering or soliciting for illegal purposes, smoking and dumping refuse among others in the parks are also offences,” Channels TV quoted him as saying.
The commissioner also inaugurated a new agency, Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) which is a structure for the beautification and landscaping of open spaces in the state. “LASPARK will maintain and manage all designated parks and gardens; carry out the general directives and policies of government in respect of parks and recreation centres among other duties,” he said.
He added that the state’s Parks and Garden Law of 2011 would enable the agency to function and build on the solid foundation laid by the Conservative and Ecology Department of the ministry.
Howeverm he said that the law would not be enforced now until after the Traffic Law is up and running.

I was not expecting something like this to ever come up and of all state,LAGOS? i hope the lawmaker understands that some place cant be beautified in Lagos state except they destroy this houses and reconstruct them,i was passing through Oshodi some days ago and i must say that the present Governor Raji Fashola has done so well that i almost missde my way,but what caught my attention was the park or will i just call it garden?i stood there for almost 5minutes and i was surprised at the whole transformation,he is doing so well with the whole beautification thing i must say,but beautifying houses is something i think might take a long time,longer that what the Governor phantom himself .

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