Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are officially divorced

No long, drawn-out divorce here: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are officially no longer a couple, just seven weeks after she first filed. A judge in New York City ruled on Tuesday that the five-year-union between the two Hollywood stars was over, adding that they remain amicable.
Ever since Holmes, 33, blindsided Cruise with divorce papers on June 29, just days before his 50th birthday, the process to end their marriage has been a speedy one. On July 9, the two ironed out a settlement, which reportedly laid out the details of the custody of their 6-year-old daughter Suri (Holmes gets sole custody with Cruise having “meaningful” visitation), as well as their financials. The once over-the-top in love couple had a prenuptial agreement, and Holmes apparently didn’t get much money from the “Mission: Impossible” star in exchange for control over where Suri would go to school and how she would be raised (not in Cruise’s beloved Scientology).

Holmes and Cruise have both proven themselves to be doting, dedicated parents since their split. Cruise has twice had visitation with Suri: once in New York City, where they went on a helicopter ride; the other time at Disney World, where he treated his little princess to a night in Cinderella’s very own castle. Holmes, meanwhile, has kept her daughter busy in the Big Apple with gymnastics classes, tea parties, and cupcake runs, in addition to quality time spent with her cousins in Holmes’ native Ohio. Though their marriage didn’t work out, Cruise and Holmes both certainly love Suri.
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