Friday, 8 June 2012


Hello Viewers hope y’all doing alright, well I am doing the talking today, lol, I just want to share a story and all I need is your sincere opinion from both guys and gurls .Firstly, I am so sorry about the Dana Air crash and loss of lives and I send my utmost condolence to the deceased friends and families, may we not witness such occurrence again(Amin)Read the story below and leave a comment by telling me what you would do if you find yourself in such condition

Segun told his wife on this  fateful Sunday that he will be flying from Abuja to Lagos for a urgent business meeting, so he told his wife to pack some of his personal stuffs for him because he didn’t want to waste too much time, she did exactly as she was told and within few minutes he  picked up his things and leaves home for airport.As  a dutiful husband he called his beloved wife when he got to the Airport to tell her that he had 

been checked in and boarded, after about 20 minutes he called to say he was on-board and the aircraft would be leaving in a short while, as we all know that mobile phones are not allowed to be switched  ON,on air he switched off his phone, she tried calling him after 10mins and his mobile phone was still switched of ,she decided to stop calling him and waited for him to return her calls as soon as the aircraft lands, she settled down to watch a movie, before she knew it she slept off, and  woke up 30mins later because  she 

heard her phone was ringing ,she decided to check her phone and thanks to blackberry the first thing she saw was  broadcasts sent to her by her close friends and relative “DANA AIRCRASH” immediatey she saw the broadcast she sat up straight, cleared her eyes and went through her phone to read the remaining broadcast and all she saw was still the same broadcast message, the first thing that came to her mind was her husband because he flew the same airline to Lagos,she called her close family members and friends who didn’t  know her husband was on board to tell them that her husband was on the same flight to Lagos,the thought of her husband’s death landed her on the hospital bed as she got a message from her husband colleague that he flew to Lagos on the supposed aircraft, when she woke up from coma, next to her was her aged parents, siblings, close friends and relative, they tried to comfort her with “GOD GIVETH,AND HE TAKETH” she couldn’t imagined that her husband was among the deceased, she was discharged from the hospital the following day because she was heavily pregnant and they needed her to rest in the hospital  under the care and supervision of the nurses in the hospital,after she was discharged from the hospital her parents and siblings decided to go to the aircraft scene to identify his body but after checking what was presented to them his body was still no where to be found, she started crying again, the officials that were at the scene tried to comfort her and they also gave her assurance that they would find his body, the following day it was announced in the news that more bodies have been evacuated she went there again with her husband’s parent and her parents too ,but unlucky for them ,his body was still missing, they all decided to go home, that’s the lady ,her parents and her husband’s family members that followed her to the scene ,on getting home after opening the door for everyone to come in, the first person they saw was SEGUN, the supposed missing body from the aircraft on his knees, alive hale and hearty, they all  screamed and ran back outside after much thought they all went back in and Lo and behold he was still on his knees weeping profusely, his father moved close to him and to his amazement it was not an imagination, he was alive, his father hugged him close to his heart, then his mother and his wife also came to close, before they all decided to move close to him, asking him how he made it because no one mentioned any survivor from the aircrash, he asked them to sit down that he wanted to tell them what happened, to cut his long story short, Instead of flying to Lagos for his urgent business meeting he went straight to his mistress house, and got information of the flight from his previous boarding pass ,he said he didn’t even get to the airport not to mention getting into the aircraft, they were all shocked by his confession. My question goes to the ladies, what would you do if the man in question was your husband and in reverse what would you do if the woman was your wife?

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