Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tom Cruise Marriages End When Wives Are 33

tom cruise katie holmes scientology 33
Creepy coincidence or Scientology science!?!
Just like the headline reads, all three of Tom Cruise's marriages have ended when the wives were 33.
He wed MiMi Rogers in May of 1987, but they broke up in 1990… when she was 33. Then he moved on with Nicole Kidman. They were happy for ten years but guess what! They split when she was 33 too! And now, just a day after her divorce announcement, Katie Holmes has 33 years under her belt.
Now here's where it gets weird…

We did some research and the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, the forerunner of the Church of Scientology, was established in Phoenix, Arizona. And Phoenix lies on the 33rd parallel. Hmm…
According to numerology, 33 is the "Master Teacher." It is regarded as a representation of spiritual progress and the spread of positive energy.
And that's exactly what Scientology preaches — global betterment.
Is there a cosmic connection? Or is it all just a bunch of conspiracy crap?

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