Monday, 11 June 2012

'The police didn't rescue Christian Obodo, we did,' says community

The police yesterday took credit for the rescue of kidnapped footballer Christian Obodo, telling newsmen that they stormed the kidnappers den, rescued Obodo and arrested most of the kidnappers. But the people who live in the community where the footballer was rescued are now saying that the police had no hand in saving the footballer. According to their story, Christian Obodo escaped from the hands of the kidnappers when he was taken to a restaurant to eat last night. The footballer started screaming for help, saying that he had been kidnapped. The people in the community swiftly came to his recuse before the kidnappers could coma after him again.

They claim that they were the ones who invited the police, who then took Obodo away. According to the people of Isoko community, no one was arrested.

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