Friday, 29 June 2012


According to a source,there is an interview on a gospel programm that will soon be aired soon,the just 

seperated man of God and head of the Household of God Church revealed that he has plans to re-marry in the future(please when is the future?),he took his quote from the book of Genesis and used it as an example(i am sure we all know where the word

is in the bible)he said the Bible says that man shall not live alone and that's why God took out of his ribs to create an help-mate which is the woman,well we don't have any right to judge(quoting from the Bible 

too,lol) since we don't know the actual cause of their separation,but trust the mouths of people,alot has been said since their separation,it actually came as a shock to alot of people including me,but i guess its 

because i am not a member of the Household of God,because a reliable source said that the Pastors wife, Stephanie has not been attending Sunday service for some time and that it was during that time that some members start to notice,well whatever be the cause,God is surelybin charge.The pastor still has plans to 

re-marry and we hope there wont be another seperation because this will be the THIRD MARRIAGE for him.

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  1. two failed marriages,two failed presidential election


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