Saturday, 9 June 2012


This abdution thing is getting out of hand in Nigeria.Nigerian midfielder and Udinese Calcio of Italy player, Christian Obodo, was kidnapped in his hometown of Warri, Delta State today. The 28 year old footballer who grew up in Warri but moved abroad after his football career picked up, was home on holiday when he was kidnapped by gunmen in front of Zion Ministry Church Effurumin, Warri in the early hours of today. Obodo was driving alone in his customized SUV - Obodo 5 when five gunmen in another vehicle double crossed him, dragged him out from his car, left his car on the road and sped off with Obodo in the back seat of their own car.

A few hours after his abduction, the kidnappers contacted his family demanding 150 thousand Euros before they release him. Obodo is the first footballer to be kidnapped in Nigeria. They've messed with footballers families but never a footballer until now.

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