Friday, 8 June 2012

Mugabe motorcade hits homeless man and bodyguard in TWO separate accidents... on the way to a funeral

Condition of homeless man is currently unknown but witnesses said it is unlikely that he would recover from the injuries he sufferedSeveral other bodyguards were injured when their vehicle overturned 

He is known for being one of the most ruthless dictators on the planet. But after a bodyguard has died and a homeless man was left with serious injuries in two separate incidents on the same journey, Robert Mugabe has been living up to his reputation.

The Zimbabwean president was on his way to a funeral when the two incidents occurred.
First of all, one of the tyrant's outrider motorbikes allegedly ran into a homeless man as they rushed the octogenarian president to a funeral.
Robert Mugabe pictured getting out of his Mercedes last week. He is believed to have the longest motorcade in Africa
Robert Mugabe pictured getting out of his Mercedes last week. He is believed to have the longest motorcade in Africa

The independent Daily News reported that the unnamed victim was rushed to hospital following the gruesome near-fatal accident on Wednesday.
A source told the newspaper: 'If that guy is still alive, it is a miracle. The bike ripped through the man's legs while the bike rider was thrown off. The scene was so ghastly and bloody that one would not take a second glance.'

The Daily News reported that the motorbike which knocked down the pedestrian had been the first vehicle in Mugabe's motorcade, which is reportedly one of the longest in Africa.
The newspaper claimed the rest of the statesman's long chain of vehicles sped by without stopping to help the victim, who is believed to be a homeless man.
Mugabe's motorcade had two accidents on his way to a funeral
Mugabe's motorcade had two accidents on his way to a funeral
It reported: 'When the Daily News arrived at the scene of accident, which was guarded by police officers, the damaged motorbike was being loaded into an unidentified truck.
'An eye-witness said the bike was speeding and ran into the vagabond, who was in the middle of the road. The motorcade sped past the accident scene in usual fashion and did not stop to assist the injured.
'The vagrant and rider were taken to hospital by ambulances that arrived at the scene later.'
The motorcycle accident was reportedly the first of two smashes involving Mugabe's motorcade on Wednesday.
The 88-year-old statesman is traditionally ensconced safely in a luxury Mercedes limousine when he travels around his poverty-stricken country.
The presidential vehicle is accompanied by more than a dozen others as part of an extensive motorcade which includes Land Cruisers, security vehicles full of armed soldiers, high-powered motorcycles and a standby ambulance.
It is believed Mugabe was being transported from Zimbabwe's capital Harare on Wednesday to a funeral in his home village of Zvimba when the accident happened.
The Daily News reported that several of the leader's security guards were later injured in a second accident after a tyre blew out in one of their Land Cruisers.
Presidential spokesman George Charamba confirmed the victims of both accidents had been taken to hospital.
The motorcade smash comes a decade after Mugabe brought in new laws to ease his passage around Zimbabwe.
Since 2002 motorists have been legally required to pull over if they see the presidential car approaching.
It is also an offence to gesticulate at the motorcade with the intention of insulting those inside.
Offenders have previously been arrested or met with a robust physical response from Mugabe's guards.

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