Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Man dies during sex

Peace Idorenyin, a commercial sex worker in Cross River State, has been arrested by the police in connection to the death of Ete Samuel, 30, a resident of Calabar, who allegedly slumped and died on Sunday while having sex with her.

Samuel, who until his death resided at 14, Ekpo Abasi Lane in Calabar South, allegedly went with Idorenyin to a motel on Atu Street for an evening sex session before the incident happened.
The owner of the motel, who did not want his name published, said that he was drawn to the room when he heard a shout. “When I got there, I went into the room and saw a young man on the floor with foam coming

out of his mouth and I called the police who came and took the corpse to the mortuary and the lady to Atakpa Police Station,” he said.
Idorenyin, when contacted, said she was not the cause of the death of Samuel, adding that this was not the first time they had sex. She said she noticed that Samuel was shaking and she thought he was about reaching orgasm, “but when he did not make any move of coming down from my body after some time, I pushed him and saw that he was foaming in his mouth.”

“I did not kill him as many men have slept with me and they did not die and this was not the first time Ete Samuel was doing it with me,” she said. “I could have escaped, but since I know I am not the cause of his death, I had to wear him his trousers before calling people to help me.”

The state’s police spokesperson, Hogan Bassey, said investigation was still ongoing in the matter and that Idorenyin was still in custody so as to provide more information “on how the man died.”

Culled: Dailytimes

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