Saturday, 9 June 2012


Karen Igho is the current Big Brother Africa winner 2011(since no one has emerged yet,the contest is still on) Since she won the title she is always on the spotlight from A-list events to
 awards night to movie premier,just mention it in Hollywood and Karen will be there,yesterday she asked a question via Twitter that if she was in another reality show or if she had her own show who would watch?i guess she wanted to hear what her followers or fans would say,so she used the medium to asked and trust her all she got was positive response,i was following the response from her followers and everyone said they would watch her if she was in any reality show or if she had her own show,one thing i admire about Karen is her Twitter humility,she responds to almost everyone,hailing them back and thanking them.
To the matter of the day,our dear Karen announced via Twitter that:

Got news for my fans. I will be working with beatfm,will have my on show on warri things shoo I no fit shout.☺

I wasnt really surprised when i read the announcement today,Karen will be Co-hosting a night show on the indigenous radio station with one of the in-house presenters,Ifektiive Baba,she will also present shows on Mondays,Wednesdays and Thursdays
I cant wait to hear her voice on the radio,Go girl,God's got your back,waffi things from Karen

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