Monday, 16 April 2012

LWKMD.....Church charge for prayers and annoiting

  Please dont tell me this is not end time things......Church charging for deliverance and 

Baptism?even the spelling of this things needs deliverance,so if bro segun who is a church member has spiritual problem and he comes to see prophet samuel he has to pay N100 

for ordinary prayer and N150 if he has upgraded problems for spiritual prayer and if his wife has family ish, he will pay N150 for spiritual prayers,N400 for deliverance and of 

course she has to be annointed thats another whooping N250 and we all knw that baptism is very important so all their total will be N700,what is meant to be free?Lod 

have mercy

I wonder if their chuch members will be baptized in a private beach,r betterstill they will ba taken to river Jordan.FUNNY AND CRAZY

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